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In 1975, the Klamath County Posse Comitatus chairman sent threatening letters to state legislators, saying they would be tried for treason by his movement’s fake grand juries if they did not repeal a 1973 land conservation act.

The threats were discussed on the floor of the state senate, and the Oregon state attorney general was consulted.

And foreshadowing the Malheur takeover, in 1976 Posse Comitatus activist Everett Thoren claimed (falsely) that he owned half of a farm in rural Umatilla County.

Just like the Oath Keepers, Three Percenters, and Malheur occupiers did in 20, in the 1970s to early 2000s Hard Right groups in Oregon—including the Posse Comitatus, Aryan Nations, the Oregon Citizens Alliance, and Southern Oregon Militia—all hitched their horses to land-use issues.For Oregon demographics, see “Quick Facts: Oregon,” United States Census Bureau, for the United States as a whole, see “Quick Facts: United States,” United States Census Bureau, The figure rises to 88 percent (Oregon) and 77 percent (United States) when combined with those who identity as both white and Hispanic/Latino.Covering parts of northern California and southwestern Oregon, the proposed state’s flag has two X’s to symbolize it being “double-crossed” by Salem and Sacramento. Taylor, Northwest Imperative: Documenting a Decade of Hate (Portland, OR: Coalition for Human Dignity, 1994), 1.10.The State of Jefferson idea dates back to 1852, but today many activists who are involved in the libertarian-leaning secessionist project are closely aligned with the Patriot movement. State of Jefferson flags are commonly seen at many Patriot movement rallies.

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Oregon’s Ku Klux Klan had meteoric rise and fall; it was founded in 1921, dominated the 1923 state election, and by 1925 had fallen apart. Saalfield, author of a book about the Oregon Klan, described Portland as “the virtual headquarters of the Klan west of the Rocky Mountains.” Oregon’s Klan was an overtly White supremacist organization; however, while it occasionally campaigned against people of color—in particular those of Japanese descent—its main focus was against Roman Catholics, many of whom were recent immigrants.

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