Android circles widget weather not updating

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Android circles widget weather not updating

Other than an embossed Le Eco logo and the usual regulatory information, the back is unadorned - there are no carrier logos to be had on this unlocked phone.While the front of the device is flat and the sides are very gently chiseled, the rear is curved for an easy grip. The sparse thickness and spare dimensions make it feel considerably smaller than older 5.5" designs.

From the front with the screen off, the Le Pro 3 looks like a blank slab of silver.It's a similar proposition in just about any field - from a multi-year car purchase to a simple meal - but the scales are tipping for mobile.The last few years have been marked by amazing value, and thus less and less compromise, in the mid-range segment. Previously exclusive to the Chinese market, the company's debut in the US is highlighted by the Le Pro 3.At 0 or 0 (depending on when one buys it), the Le Pro 3 might just be the best hardware value on the market, dollar-for-dollar.How and why the price is so low is an interesting question, but there's no denying that it's hard to find this much phone at this level.

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), with "back" on the right and "task" on the left.