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It switches between "updating setup files" and "launching blizzard launcher" for a good hour and a half now... I did an integrity check aka ran the installer peer to peer loader and it checked all the files and it was fine... Trying to dl the beta right now but it is stuck on "Updating setup files", and has been for about 5 minutes.I will give a better example of this later when we look at the Aeon skin.You can allow YAMJ to scrape for all your metadata, but the best way I have found to ensure you get the most accurate metadata is to use a separate metadata program.What many people do is create a task that will run the My_file at set days/times (it seems most people will set YAMJ to run twice a day).In WHS go to Start Menu - If you are happy with the look of the default YAMJ then you are all set to go.If this works for you guys can you add it to the forums? Try rebooting the system into 'Safe Mode with Networking' (mash on F8 just before the windows logo comes up). After that, the update will most likely freeze, if it does reboot back to normal mode. Start the manually, but before it restarts on its own. and the stench of terror drifts on a bitter wind... Next time you run the launcher it should skip the 'Updating Tools' part and begin downloading the patch/update whatever it happens to be. EDIT: I would like to add that I personally have not had this issue since the last tools update (the one a few days ago, not patch 16). But as the shadow once again crawls across our world... This will open the DOS-like program that needs to stay opened through the whole installation. Once the game is installed, you can play with no trouble at all.

As a little background, all my media is stored on my DIY WHS.The program I would recommend for YAMJ is YANFOE, which is a program similar to metabrowserhowever it is set up specifically to generate metadata for YAMJ.Since WHS is being used to store all the YAMJ created metadata, a network share should have been created already on the PCH for the location where your shared videos are.It then gets served up to various media players throughout my house via cat5e/6.I use NFS or SMB to stream to my PCHs so this guide will focus on such a setup (if I have time later on I will try and document what is needed to set up using an http service such as myi Home).

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One of the biggest challenges I found when setting up the Aeon skin, and one of the reasons for writing this guide, is that a lot of the information for setting up the skin and making modifications is scattered throughout the main thread over on the nmt forums.