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At that time a stone castle was built in Dinaburga, on an old trade-route, 19 km from the present city.

The town grew around the stone castle, which was damaged and rebuilt a number of times due to military activities.

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Includes preliminary orders from Maj Henry Lewkeno Knight, Manchester Infantry Bde.

Mysteries, romance, fantasy,westerns and Sci-Fi, while the non-fiction section offersbios, cookbooks and much more.Non-bookish types can purchase board games, books ontape and CBS radio mysteries such as “The Shadow” and“The Thin Man.”“I grew up listening to these and I’m still hooked onthem today,” Ordiway said.There are many DVDs to choose from and another 5,000will be arriving in the future, he said.The large selection ofcompact discs are all originals, have been checked forscratches and include jazz, country and western, show tunesand a large variety of popular melodies, but no classical. DVDs sell for and compact discs range from .95-12.95.“I’M definitely more than a book-trader,” Ordiway said.“My real love is rare and antiquarian books. cover price is given as credit on another book and thisis applied to 50% of the next purchase.I’m planning anew section of Latin American and Americana history booksdating from 1775 to the present.”He already has some and proudly took them out fromunder the counter, a 1952 first edition of Hemingway’s “The Old Man and the Sea” in perfect condition. If you don’t want tobuy a book that particular day you can leave your credit onfile. S dollars, but payment incolones at the current rate of exchange is the norm.

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