Fender deluxe reverb silverface dating dating 40 Fredericia

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Fender deluxe reverb silverface dating

My favorite PRS of all time happened to be a CE finished in orange that I foolishly sold around 15 years ago. This one is finished in Mc Carty Burst, rather rare for a CE.

Features include carved mahogany body with carved maple top, gloss finish, Dragon II pickups, PRS tremolo, PRS locking tuners, quarter-sawn maple neck with wide-fat carve and moon inlays.

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This model sold at discount for 39 when last produced a few years ago. The outputs are designed for two modes of operation: live and studio.The Studio Projects VTB-1 allows the user the most flexibility of any mic pre in its price class.Great for vocals of course, but also a good choice to overdrive your guitars or bass.In live mode, the 1/4" outputs are intended to feed a guitar amp, and there is no speaker simulation added to the patches. In studio mode, the analog and digital outputs feature speaker simulation. Just 5 and includes original box, manual, and CD.Conversely, the XLR outs do feature speaker simulation in live mode, as it's assumed the signals will be routed to a P. At home on stage or studio and heard on more recordings in the past few years than probably any other preamp. Studio Projects VTB1 Tube Mic Preamp, (back), (psu) Excellent quality single-channel tube blend mic preamp, a must for any home studio, digital or analog.

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Te VTB1 incorporating true class A/B switching and it's a totally discrete circuit.