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In the season 7 finale Arizona and Callie drive to a house to take a weekend off. Callie looks forward not knowing what to say, when she gets a scared look on her face and gasps, Arizona right away looks forward and the screen goes blank. Arizona wakes up to see Callie lying outside the car, gone through the front window.

Much of Tedy Bruschi’s strength through a long football career and overcoming a stroke can be attributed to former Arizona volleyball player Heidi Bomberger.They’ve set up that it’s really funny and interesting to watch Arizona and Webber talk about pretty much anything.I don’t know, maybe I’m flattering myself, but it’s really funny. First of all, you can have him read the phone book and it somehow ends up being funny and serious at the same time.In the season 8 finale, Mark, Derek, Lexie, Arizona, Meredith and Cristina are all in a plane crash and Lexie is the first to die.In season 9 episode 1 Mark dies and Arizona has lost her left leg.

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Callie and Erica start dating but break up in the beginning of season 5. The relationship between Callie and Arizona has many bumps. Her father doesn't accept that she is bisexual, they have a big fight that ends up with him cutting her off (disowning her). Callie doesn't want to spend three years without her, so she goes with her.