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The cam-selector arm 141 has an auxiliary arm member 158 which cooperates with a projecting arm portion 159 of the cam follower so that whenever the cam-selector knob 151 is drawn toward the operator, the auxiliary arm 158 will engage the portion 159 of the cam follower for the purpose of turning the same in a counterclockwise direction as viewed in Fig.

An operator-influenced mechanism has been provided with the present machine for shifting each of the cam followers 99 and 100 up and down along its associated posts 101 and 105, which mechanism includes a pair of cam-selector knobs 150 and 151 of which the knob 150- is made fast to the forward end portion of the cross shaft 143, while the rear end portion of the shaft 143 is slidably mounted within a cylindrical sleeve 152 which is supported within the rear wall portion of the bracketarm 8.

In this latter connection, it is to be understood that through a rearward movement the cam-selector arm 142 will engage an extended portion 156 of the cam follower 100 for the purpose of rotating the follower about the post 105 in a clockwise direction as viewed in Fig.

Adjacent the rear portion of the shaft 143 is adjustably mounted by means of a screw 154 the cam selector 142 in a manner such that whenever the cam-selector knob 150 is shifted inwardly it will disengage the blade 139 of the cam-selector arm from a respective one of the post slots 144 so that the selector knob may be rotated and thereby either elevate or depress the cam follower 100 so that the cam follower may be made to engage a different cam.

Whenever the cam follower 100 is placed in a new position, it is to be understood that a forward movement of the knob 150 will be effective to draw the cam-selector arm 142 forwardly and into engagement with a respective one of the slots 144 of the post 105.

7 so as to withdraw the cam followerfrom engagement with the cams and against the biasing action of the spring so that upon a downward shifting movement of the cam-selector arm 142, the tracking element 110 of the arm 100 will not be caught against the peripheral portion of any one of the cams.

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From the above, it is to be understood that the gtae 124 affords a pivotal connection which will permit the left hand end of the pitman 93, as viewed in Fig.

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