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That said, I know people who had HUGE distances between them and survived that and ended up committed and together.

So it's not easy, but if it's really important to both of you, and both of you work at it, it can have a good outcome.

Question from Denise: Are online dating sites good ways to meet people?

You have to try different sites to see which ones feel comfortable for you, and which ones have tools that you think will create a better chance of a good relationship.

» Question from Leanne from Austin: What are the rules about dating and sex today?

One of those things that you can pick on is whether you and this person have similar values.

But there is more to love than hair color, and I think people pick who they love on other criteria. You can create your First profile at FREE and start searching free local chat every hour. Fuck Buddy Finder, Women Looking Sex, Hook Up with Horny Girls, Meet and Fuck Tonight The Fastest way to find local girl and guys near you!Search for a Free Local Fuck Site to Group sex, a one-night stand.Do something where you'll have something to talk about.On the other hand, you don't want to put your date, yourself or your son in embarrassing situations.

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