Sugarbaby dating

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“While he was a bit frustrated that I wasn't willing to add a sexual component, he was a gentleman and understood.” Rebecca hasn’t engaged in an arrangement since, but she’d be open to it again.

“I would recommend it to very strong and independent women who don't necessarily need the money,” she says.

“Beyond wanting to pay off my grad school loans, I was looking to engage on an intellectual level and create a sort of mentorship-type relationship out of it." Rebecca decided to meet up with one of her matches.

It was her first in-person meeting, and she agreed to an arrangement on the spot. The arrangement was for ,000 per month, seeing each other about once per week – but he traveled for work a lot, so sometimes less.

The twist: Sugar Daddies indicate how much money they are willing to pay for an arrangement.

In theory, these would be gentlemen who preferred to spend time laughing and feeling upbeat through their dates' youthful energy.It's also good to nail down the terms of the arrangement prior,” says Rebecca, who felt in control and maintained the power throughout.“I set the terms on offering no sexual favors of any kind, how much I expected to be paid monthly, and many dates were included.” Rebecca notes, you can also set terms for travel (such as vacation or how you’re getting to and from dates/meet ups), and when they can text you.“In the beginning it felt a little weird, but after a date or two, I truly saw it as business.” After two months of seeing each other, Rebecca decided to end things.“He indicated we would like to include a sexual component to the arrangement,” she says. In the two months, I made ,000.” Even though the relationship terminated, it was amicable.

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He understood I was working full time and couldn't drop everything to travel with him,” says Rebecca.